Just for Kicks | Dance | Indian River, MI

My 7 and 5 year old are both involved in a wonderful dance program called Just for Kicks that takes place Wednesday nights at the Inland Lakes (Indian River) Elementary school during the school year.  They offer Tap, Ballet, and Creative Movement classes for ages 4 and up in 9 week increments.  Since attending in the Fall in 2014, my kids have been leading up to this moment- the big recital which takes place tonight!!  Costumes include “Cotton Candy”, “Lollipop”, and “Cupcake” ballet dancers and “Gummy Bears” for the younger Creative Movement class.  I adore the outfits and props, of course and even more fun to photograph these dancers!

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My little Linus (5) shown as a green “Gummy Bear” above.
Sweet Luna (7) shown as a “Lollipop” dancer below left.

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Looking forward to recording the performance tonight, although I may not take pictures.  Sometimes it’s better to be present in the moment.  <3