The Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce has chosen Mother Nature’s Remedies as their Member of the Month for April.

As spring starts to show itself in northern Michigan and the ground begins to thaw, our town begins to wake up a little more.  Seasonal businesses begin to open, visitors arrive seeking our area for biking, hiking, boating, and the all around wellness our area brings with it’s natural resources.

One of the Cheboygan businesses that is open year round for our community and visitors alike is Mother Nature’s Remedies.  This quaint and friendly health food store is located in the downtown Main Street district across from Festival Square and next to the historic Kingston theatre.

Mother Nature’s Remedies was established on December 1st, 2016 which happened to be hospitality night of that year.  A belief is that every town needs a Health Food Store and should not have to drive to the next big city to obtain their needs.  Their excitement to share what they’ve learned about natural foods and remedies is evident when you are greeted at the door.  When asked what her favorites aspect of her business is, owner Kathleen Hallberg says, “Helping people.  Spreading what I know around.  Knowledge is something to be shared, not hoarded.”

A wide array of vitamins and suppliments align the shelves with another aisle dedicated to whole and organic snacks and beverages.



Mother Nature’s Remedies states, “You can heal yourself naturally.  When it comes to one’s health, it is very personal.  We should all have access to options we individually want, whatever that option is.

Thank you for sharing what you love about your business!  You can find more about Mother Nature’s Remedies by visiting their website at

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All images by Lindsey Vork Photography 2019

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