What to Wear- Family edition

Summer vacations.   Family reunions.   Warm weather.  Nature at it’s most vibrant.   These sum up an ideal and popular time to get family portraits!  I have been getting multiple inquiries about “what to wear”.  Here is a few tips and ideas to prepare your family’s wardrobe for pictures. e_CLY3245 copy e_CLY5356 copy

  • Decide on a color scheme.  Gone are the days when everyone is dressed the same for family pictures. (“Okay everyone, blue jeans and green t-shirts!”)   **You do not need to match!**  While we want a unified look, this doesn’t mean that personalities and style needs to be neglected.   Outfits that go well together are color coordinated.  Pick a color palette (as seen in example).  Differing outfit choices and styles allow everyone to still express themselves and their style, while still keeping the photos consistent and interesting.
Here are some other links that may help you decide a color palette: Design Seeds Big Huge Lab CSS Drive DeGrave
  • Coordinate clothes with location in mind.  (i.e. beach- light and breezy)
  • Prints can be overwhelming.  While a striped shirt here and there is okay, having multiple prints and designs on each person can get too busy.  Large logos and graphics will distract from the overall composition and more importantly the person!
  • Layer and Accessorize.  This is your opportunity to bring in a bolder pop of color.  Scarves, necklaces, vests, and belts add interest to your outfit and give you the opportunity to express yourself.   Layers also add texture and give you a variety of looks without actually having to change.
  • Avoid clothes that are super seasonal and trendy.  Unless they are specifically for Christmas cards, you want your family portraits to have a classic appearance that you will enjoy on your walls for many seasons and years down the road.
  • Be natural.  Right before your session is not a time to try a new hairstyle or to overload on the make-up.  The portraits should represent who you really are in that moment so be yourself!

And last but not least:

  • Enjoy!   Don’t worry about whether the kids are smiling- that is the photographer’s job!  The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your children will be and it will show in the photos.  It will also give me an opportunity to capture some candid moments between your family which are sometimes the most precious.Please take a look at “Family Wardrobe Ideas” on my Pinterest board as well!

DSC_0223 copy e_DSC6348 copy

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